Friday, August 19, 2011

First Post!

On Location Color Studies

I love going outside and observing color and light!

Figure Paintings
2 hours each pose

                                      YMCA Comission production work

This is a small collection of work I have done thus far for a 11' by 40' mural I have been comissioned to do by the YMCA in Palo Alto. The thumbnail studies I liked (not shown) I made into value and light comps. From there I took the design that fit best with the constraints of the wall I've been assigned to put the mural on and did a quick color study of the value and light comp. I wanted to create a world that would inspire the child to play make believe. In future work for this project, I will incorporate more objects that would inspire creativity in a child's mind.


    Enchanted Forest Painting

Video Game Character Design
LuLu_Co Summer Project 

Just recently I was part of a student led project working on character designs. As a group our goal was to create an 'Art Of ' book for a video game we came up with. This page is a compliation of work I did for the main character of the video game. The game is set in a late 1980's post apocalypse world where the main character, Eve, is on a path of revenge to get the men who stole her older sister from her.


Short Film  Character Design
'Good Lookin' Neighbors' 

This past semester I had the opportunity to create my own short film from start to finish. I loved getting to take an idea all the way through the production pipeline and seeing it in a finished 2D animated short film. This is a character model sheet of the main character, Little Jeffery.

Figure Drawings
4b pencil 

Sketchbook work

Earlier in the summer, my good friend Rudy hurt his ankle while a group of us were out sketching at Alum Rock park. Trying to lighten the mood, I took the experience and juxtaposed it by translating it into a board game. I emulated one of my all time favorite artists, Bill Watterson in an attempt to keep a story book feel about the comic.   

Caricature On Location studies
Col-Erase Pencil


On Location Relationship Studies
Pen and Ink

Something I find most interesting about people are the unique ways they go about saying something. Through body language and guesture you can see a person's essence. One of my favorite passtimes is going to coffee shops and recording the stories playing out around me.