Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Other fun stuff I've been up to (more recently) !!

Hey - forgot to mention - I have a tumblr now too!!
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Current Work - check out my Vimeo link!!


BLT Illustration - The Internship!!

Back in my graduating year at SJSU - I had the amazing opportunity to learn from some of the best Illustrators currently working in the Movie Poster Advertising business at BLT Illustration!

It was such an amazing experience - whether it was my boss or any of my co-workers, each person was a mentor and Jedi Master of drawing to me. I learned a ton. :]

At the end of it all - I made a movie poster illustration of my own implementing some of the skills and tricks I learned on the job - summing up my experience there with a Star Wars homage. 

From the Way Back ... BFA Gallery Artwork and Demo Reel

Graduating from the BFA Animation Illustration program each year's class has a show where each student gets to present a select highlight of some of the work they've been up to over their last year in school. Below are a few pieces I submitted to the show that made it up onto the gallery walls.  

Looking back on this work is a fun - and an awesome reminder how far (specifically) my Animation skills have grown over my time now at iAnimate 



DemoReel - 2D Focused - Spring 2014 from Kevin Maier on Vimeo.

Adventures in Stop Motion Animation

Adventures in Stop Motion Animation!! 

A few years back I had the chance to try out stop motion animation in a class I took at SJSU.
This shot - which originally started as an assignment - quickly became a fun personal project, and was a chance to help bring to life a character design made by one of my closest and best friends - Steven Celiceo.

Adventures in Stop-Motion Animation! from Kevin Maier on Vimeo.

CSU Summer Arts!!


 After graduating SJSU with a BFA in Animation - I took a short break and then got back into the thick of it at CSU Summer Arts!!
I had the opportunity to take the Animation class and learn from some of the coolest, down to earth, knowledgeable, and inspiring instructors like the great Aubry Mintz, Ryan Woodward, and Orlando Pabotoy.
 And... got to take the Nickelodeon: An Overview from Development to Pitch class!!
Where, I think I learned/rediscovered my second love: TV pitch development. :]
Learning all about Storytelling, and sculpting a story from the ground up is an amazing experience and immensely rewarding sharing it with others.

Here's a cartoon sketch one of our guest instructors and awesome Nickelodeon Artists - Rikke Asbjorn.
 Afterwards we'd play loads of frizz-bee and jump around on the beach :]

Disney Inspire Days!!

Way back when.... (in Fall 2013)
The hard work and long hours started to pay off!
I was one of a few students from SJSU to get to attend and be inspired by the amazing event -
Disney Inspire Days!!!

Some of the other SJSU - fellow Shrunkenheads include:
Kristy Kay, Youri Dekker, Dan Galligar, Jule Kenville, Lauren Jensen, Brie Lee, and Alex Turner.