Monday, December 19, 2011

More work from this Semester

Music really inspires my creativity, Classic Rock is my favorite genre of music, Roosters are one of my favorite animals, and I love to drink coffee. In Courtney's final project for the semester, I really felt like I got to let it all loose and have a lot of fun. With every project, I try to find music that feels like the story I've created, and something about the work that I can really sink my teeth into. With this project, I got to do both!!

 Jimi Rooster's desing was inspired by a combination of a Polish Rooster and Jimi Hendrix.
My good friend, Eryn introduced me to Polish Roosters during my research and reference stage of developement. It really helped me find the look of Jimi Rooster.

Jimi isn't the best salesman. He often expresses himself in non-comformist ways...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Second long overdue post!

This semester I took begining Visual Developement with Courtney Granner. Our first major project of the semester was designing a kitchen based off of the Gary Soto short stories.
Final Color Painting

Black and White Painting

Schematic, texture sample, and prop sheet

In preparation to the Treehouse project (see below) we had to sketch business signs. Looking for interesting shapes, text, etc.

I had a lot of fun with the Tree house project. I've always wanted to make one and in this collection of work I put a lot of myself into it.
Exterior Final Painting

Interior Final Painting

Exterior Developement Work

Interior Developement Work

This is a schematic of the Tree house space. Currently I'm struggling with having a clean line drawing transfered to the final layout in photoshop. I use the Levels adjustment tool, but I can't seem to find that balance.

I wanted the siloutte of the tree to reflect what one element of my take of the story was a about.
A bird in a sitting position lookiung out to a sunset. A reflection of how the bird Gary and his friend have to nurse back to help currently can not fly.

One key prop in this space is the Dream Catcher. I love these things. Getting to put my 2 cents in and give it a deeper meaning in the story was a real treat.

In Gary's Dreams, the Tree house becomes his vehicle of transportation. One of my big influences since an early age has been Miyazaki. That guy is so cool in my book.

The next big project in Courtney's was to design a pawn shop. I got really inspired by the artsy chaos in the arrangement of objects in botique shops around North Oakland/Berkeley. I ended up mixing that with the creepy statuettes one particular pawn shop had. My idea was that this Pawn Shop, Emporium, was owned by the devil. Those that traded their souls to get what they needed would be trapped in the statuettes. Becoming an eternal installment in the Show room.

This is the character that has to venture into the pawn shop to sell his wings (he's a fallen angel) to buy himself more time to spend on Earth.

Friday, August 19, 2011

First Post!

On Location Color Studies

I love going outside and observing color and light!

Figure Paintings
2 hours each pose

                                      YMCA Comission production work

This is a small collection of work I have done thus far for a 11' by 40' mural I have been comissioned to do by the YMCA in Palo Alto. The thumbnail studies I liked (not shown) I made into value and light comps. From there I took the design that fit best with the constraints of the wall I've been assigned to put the mural on and did a quick color study of the value and light comp. I wanted to create a world that would inspire the child to play make believe. In future work for this project, I will incorporate more objects that would inspire creativity in a child's mind.


    Enchanted Forest Painting

Video Game Character Design
LuLu_Co Summer Project 

Just recently I was part of a student led project working on character designs. As a group our goal was to create an 'Art Of ' book for a video game we came up with. This page is a compliation of work I did for the main character of the video game. The game is set in a late 1980's post apocalypse world where the main character, Eve, is on a path of revenge to get the men who stole her older sister from her.


Short Film  Character Design
'Good Lookin' Neighbors' 

This past semester I had the opportunity to create my own short film from start to finish. I loved getting to take an idea all the way through the production pipeline and seeing it in a finished 2D animated short film. This is a character model sheet of the main character, Little Jeffery.

Figure Drawings
4b pencil 

Sketchbook work

Earlier in the summer, my good friend Rudy hurt his ankle while a group of us were out sketching at Alum Rock park. Trying to lighten the mood, I took the experience and juxtaposed it by translating it into a board game. I emulated one of my all time favorite artists, Bill Watterson in an attempt to keep a story book feel about the comic.   

Caricature On Location studies
Col-Erase Pencil


On Location Relationship Studies
Pen and Ink

Something I find most interesting about people are the unique ways they go about saying something. Through body language and guesture you can see a person's essence. One of my favorite passtimes is going to coffee shops and recording the stories playing out around me.