Tuesday, November 15, 2016

CSU Summer Arts!!


 After graduating SJSU with a BFA in Animation - I took a short break and then got back into the thick of it at CSU Summer Arts!!
I had the opportunity to take the Animation class and learn from some of the coolest, down to earth, knowledgeable, and inspiring instructors like the great Aubry Mintz, Ryan Woodward, and Orlando Pabotoy.
 And... got to take the Nickelodeon: An Overview from Development to Pitch class!!
Where, I think I learned/rediscovered my second love: TV pitch development. :]
Learning all about Storytelling, and sculpting a story from the ground up is an amazing experience and immensely rewarding sharing it with others.

Here's a cartoon sketch one of our guest instructors and awesome Nickelodeon Artists - Rikke Asbjorn.
 Afterwards we'd play loads of frizz-bee and jump around on the beach :]

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