Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Graduating and Getting out!!

Back in the Spring of 2014....


With some of the most amazing, and incredibly hard working fun-to-be-around people I've ever known. Below are a few photos of Graduation Day, and the BFA Animation Illustration Department Dinner.
Also, earlier in 2013 - Diana and I got a new and awesome room mate - my long time co-Hort in crime and one of my best friends - Nick Marshall! We've had the chance to work on a handful of projects together over the years, and now seeing him off working at Telltale as one of their Cinematic Artists is great to see how far he's gone with this crazy "art" thing.. lol
 These guys!! Keith and Michael helped make my last year at SJSU incredible. Keith was the Director of the short film "Hello Debra" I got to be an animator on, and Michael was our class's production management guru. Both taught me invaluable lessons of pursuing what you love and ditching all the nay-say-ers.

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